My Sexy Secret Life

Big brain vs small brain

Men talk about their little brain, well I have a very, very little one (clit), which likes likes to dominate my big brain, well, mostly all of the time! She whispers at me as I walk down the street – “Look at that one! How would he be like to fuck? Do you think he’d lick you nicely, do you think he’d want to put his cock up your arse and make you scream?” “No. Little brain, I reply that would be highly inappropriate”.

Off to the butchers to get some nice meat for my dinner party, little brain says “Oh, what lovely big hands, how sexy, imagine him fucking you over the counter!” “No, little brain I say that is bad!” “Be good though wouldn’t it?” “Yes, but no, not going to happen little brain.” “Oh, but I need to be licked, I need to be fucked, I need to spread my legs and take a cock up my arse!””Yes, little brain, I understand that, I am just trying to be the rational one here” we’ve got a booking in two hours and you can take over!” “Can I? Oh lovely! You’re going to have a very sore bottom!” “Oh little brain! The things you ‘make’ me do…!!” đŸ˜‰

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