My Sexy Secret Life

Never Assume!

Isn’t human desire the most fascinating of things!? While I find that many clients enjoy me wearing lingerie, I’d say at least half my clients prefer me to wear nothing at all. Personally, I enjoy both. I enjoy skin on skin contact immensely, it’s so sensual but then again dressing up for dates is also majorly sexy. For a long time I wasn’t really a fan of lingerie, mostly because the fashions didn’t really suit me. However, I am absolutely delighted by the current trends and I am very much enjoying wearing them.

A dear, regular client has always professed to preferring me naked but recently confessed a love of silky smooth stockings with no ‘annoying, scratchy, lacy tops’. I have always worn lace top stockings as I thought they were considered the sexist. However, I have now ordered some smooth top stockings in a variety of colours!

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