My Sexy Secret Life

Why you should never employ me!

I have explored my sexuality. ALOT. Indeed, I believe despite my many career choices it has been my ‘lifes work’ really and truly. Any job which does not involve sex (of which, I’ve had a few!) has had my wanton sexual desire bleeding into it’s edges…

Hot sex running into the early hours of the morning vs being responsible about an early start, for example an important morning meeting.. equals (or did equal having given up all that day job stuff!) say my bit, blah blah blah, oh my god wasn’t last night amazing (in my head) oh so tired and then that happened, involuntary groin twitch and oh god then that, nipples pinging through my bra, knickers so wet I’m afraid they’ll wet the seat…

Back to earth…”So what do you think, Charlotte; would that be a good idea?” Check facial expression, wants me to agree, great “Oh yes, I think that would be marvellous!” Phew, pulled it off, meeting ends no time for chit chat, gotta wank in the toilets ……Ahhhh, yessss

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