My Sexy Secret Life

The Pearl

Today I was presented with a copy of a long lost book of which I could not remember the name but had mentioned in my blog previously. The material of which fuelled many frantic teenage wanks and fantasies; and eventually got covered in baby oil smudges, (I hadn’t yet discovered lube!), suffered many loose pages and I highly suspect was thrown away by my Mother in disgust on discovery. One day it just ‘disappeared’ …. much like my ‘Story of O’ (which went missing after my Father fixed the drawer it was lurking in) and an extremely good and extensive collection of french pornographic ‘coffee’ table books that I entrusted to my parents loft and had every intention of recovering.

The contents of that book rendered the handle of my hairbrush my first dildo and caused me to insert various innocent items up my bottom! Not to mention what I did with the vibrating/’massaging’ hairbrush that my Grandma gave me one Christmas! I had my very first orgasms after reading that book!

I am absolutely delighted to have another copy and very pleased and touched that my client not only knew the name of the book, but went to the trouble of finding me a copy. It turns out that a copy of that very same book was passed between him and his friends; and we both suspect it perverted our young minds in equally delightful ways!! Ahh the Pearl …. I am off to read it now!

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