My Sexy Secret Life

Leering at Builders

I am a great lover of the male and female form in any shape or size, so weather like today absolutely delights me; not only are most girls wearing next to nothing a lot of the men are also doing the same!

No one beats the builders though! They’ll strip off to practically nothing!! If I do not have a sexual adventure planned or have already had my days fun then you may spot me touring the local builders sites.

There is a great one at the moment down the Caledonian Road where they are building a new garden by the river, not only is there a team of men only wearing shorts, they are currently laying a pathway so there are lots of nearly naked men bending down and a very good selection of builders bottoms to look at (although they are wearing belts so are remaining decent!)… So I stand and watch, while I pretend to ‘innocently’ feed the ducks in the river as many loaves of bread as I can lay my hands on!

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