My Sexy Secret Life

No knickers!!

This morning a lovely client treated me to a champagne breakfast with my absolute favourite of all breakfast foods; Eggs Benedict – terribly bad for you of course but as I can’t make it myself it is always a rare and delicious treat! In return for my gentlemans kindness I had promised to wear no knickers (no hardship – after all it was very hot today and the cool air around my cunt was a very welcome sensation!) and take a picture in the loo with my phone, texting it to his.

After a lovely get to know you chat, breakfast and some sips of champagne my companion asked what I’d like to do next. I told him that I was going to go and take a special picture for him. I had NEVER imagined that it would be so hard to take a picture of my bits …I photographed walls, floors, toilet roll holders and even my feet before I finally managed to get the right shot! About 10 minutes later I finally emerged, and apologised for taking so long; but my soon to be lover said he liked the picture and we jumped in a cab to mine, where I showed him the real thing and we had a lot of fun together

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