My Sexy Secret Life

Feeling shy?

Feeling shy? Everyone feels shy sometimes and even the most confident people might feel shy about booking an escort, or nervous before a meeting. If you are shy then it’s a really good idea to let the lady you hope to meet the kind of activities that you would like to happen, so that your potential lover knows all about them. It would be a great shame to visit some one and be too shy to tell them what you wanted. Better still email them before your meeting and explain what you want!

No need to be ashamed sexual desire is such a hugely diverse world that if the lady that you’d initially like to see doesn’t like what you like then there is every chance that another lady will. I like the gentleman I am seeing to have everything he wants included in our time together; and if I don’t think that I can fulfil my potential lovers wishes then there is every chance that I may know of some one who will.

Oh and a word of warning …. if you are thinking of booking me please remember that I do bite, but only if you want me to!

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