My Sexy Secret Life

I fucked your wife and she loved it!

This is just a fantasy of mine and I will always respect your privacy however, I hope that you enjoy reading it

I didn’t know you had a wife, you were so sure about that, that I thought nothing of dropping round after the weekend we’d spent fucking at your flat as I’d drunkenly forgotten to return your watch after ‘that game’, yes I am sure you remember!

She is pretty hot though, and don’t worry; I covered your tracks nicely, you dropped your watch in the shop I work in (my friends green grocers, you know the one, it only sells organic veg) and I knew where you lived because we’d delivered to you a few times.. She wasn’t wearing much, your wife and she invited me on for tea. I could see down her low cut top and I was looking forward to seeing her bend over in her high cut shorts so, of course I said yes.

She ushered me out to your garden and I smiled, remembering fucking you against the tree and then she faffed about making tea. Almost impossible to imagine but I think that her short shorts were riding higher when she poured our drinks. It was hot in your garden but your wife was hotter, I asked whether she was comfortable in her attire and she said no, I don’t mind, I said, take them off! And she did! I am not sure that she had yet realised that I was a predator, ready to lick her delicious cunt. I suspect not.

She sat there, in innocent little cotton knickers, a bra and vest. I acted like there was nothing out of the ordinary but I could see her nipples pinging through her bra, and a wet patch was growing from the crutch of her knickers. She was trying to control her breathing but I could tell that she was breathless. I eased my way out of my chair and knelt before her. I looked up and smiled into her eyes. I put my lips down onto her thighs and kissed and licked on wards and up wards. I nipped and licked the very top of her thighs where it is oh very sensitive and began sliding my tongue and fingers just beyond her panty line. I teased and teased as she bucked, moaned and eventually begged me to lick her. I pulled off her panties and put my hot tongue to work on her hungry clit, I slid my fingers up her cunt and arse and she rewarded me with a body shaking cum.

I fucked your wife and she loved it……XxXx

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