My Sexy Secret Life

Sex in the City

When I first began my days on this site a lovely lady (Hayley; TheUltimateCourtesan) emailed me and offered advice. We met and as fortune had it; I could help her in her non escorting life and she could help me in my escorting life. We shared experiences and we became the best of friends. Now, there is nothing that I couldn’t share with her, and I doubt that there is anything thing that she couldn’t share with me. A rare and truly treasured friendship indeed.

I had noticed and followed the blogs of another lady (RealLoverExperience) for quite some time. So; I emailed her to say just how much I admired her and I didn’t expect to meet her unless she wanted too and when she did want to meet and the date was set, I was truly delighted and in truth more than a little bit nervous! I insisted that my flat mate hugged me hard beforehand to stop me from shaking! But when I did meet her, as I suspected, she is well; just lovely…. as well as super sexy and sophisticated and more than a little bit cool!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better as is my friend Hayley; we all met as a trio last week and I really hope that we have many more girly meetings. We like to meet in the best places that the city has on offer and in some bizarre way meeting for dinner/lunch/drinks almost feels like a surreal episode of sex in the city! Because that’s what we love and exactly what we do!

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