My Sexy Secret Life

If I won the lottery

I was out with a friend the other night and we were both moaning about the Euro Millions couple who said that they wouldn’t change their life! So I got to thinking about what I would do if I ever won the lottery.

I’d pay off a few friends and family members mortgages and debts, give some money to my family and buy a holiday home somewhere nice that my friends and family could stay at and of course I’d pay for their flights and give them some spending money whenever they wanted to go.

I’d buy a nice house in Central London but it wouldn’t be massive, although I’d really like my own pool and steam room! I wouldn’t give up my ‘job’ (or charge more) because I enjoy it far too much but I would enjoy sharing a 5* home with my lovers and maybe taking them to my holiday home.

I’d take cookery lessons too, my cooking isn’t bad but it would be great to learn how to be exceptional.

I’d study tantra as that is something that has always interested me and also take a wine course so that I could choose great wines to share with others and I’d really love a helicopter! I adore helicopters! But I probably wouldn’t buy one as I really don’t need one. I’d finish my driving lessons but I wouldn’t buy a super expensive car, although I do love vintage cars 🙂

It also goes without saying that I would spend an absolute fortune on lingerie and sex toys!!

Before I did anything else though; I’d go on holiday to Zanzibar because I’ve always wanted to go there and then I’d go to East Africa and do whatever I could to help.

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