My Sexy Secret Life

Oh Sally xxx

I was 21, just out of a relationship and feeling very bi. Luckily the internet helped me to find what I was looking for. Sally was older than me, very bi and very, very sexy.

I’ll never forget first setting eyes on her, she was my ultimate woman. She came complete with a naughty husband, he was dom, she was alpha sub and I was to do whatever they told me to do.

After a quick drink in the DogStar in Brixton they whisked me home, dressed me in a leather corset and presented me with Sally’s pussy. I’d never seen one in such close proximity or ever had a good pussy licking myself and subsequently was terrible at giving one, Sally didn’t mince her words when she told me how to do it right!

She did smell wonderfully musky though, and she tasted sublime. Once she’d taught me how to lick her she took her husbands big cock in her pussy and her arse while I licked her frantically, making her cum. It’s one of those life experiences that I will never forget!

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