My Sexy Secret Life

I am not really married!

I love to seduce, and I love to be seduced, however being chatted up by random strangers at least twice a day for god knows how long has driven me to my limit! I can’t bear it any longer, I am happily ‘married’ to my ‘job’ and I really have no need for further romance – I am spoilt rotten on a regular basis – dream date after dream date, amazing sex and all with no strings!
Not only does it allow me the luxury of not, in my opinion having to work, I’m also hugely independent and I love a variety of sexual experiences.
Why would I ever want a ‘normal’ relationship !?

So, anyway. I’m getting a wedding ring to try and put all the persistent chatter uppers off. If I do forget to take it off when we meet, please be reassured that the only thing that I am truly committed to is our mutual pleasure

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