My Sexy Secret Life

Being 30

Well, I still mourn my twenties, thirty quite frankly sounds a little old, for me not for others, I really just don’t feel thirty. The one thing that I don’t regret about being (slighty ha ha!) older is the increased sensitivity that I have and a much greater awareness of what will make me cum. For want of a better word I used to love to ‘rut’; penetration meant everything and the harder the better really did it for me. It was an innate urge, something above all else that I craved.

Now, it seems that I am just so much more sensitive, being fucked is still an incredible sensation but it’s even better after being licked first, having my senses awakened and my g spot is just so more responsive, I am so much more orgasmic in my thirties and so much more in touch with my sensuality.

So I guess getting older isn’t so bad!

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