My Sexy Secret Life

A little admission…..

I haven’t had much action recently 😦 I had a horrible chest infection type thing that put me out of action for a week and then mother nature cursed me for a while. I’m over that now though πŸ™‚

So I have been feeling even more horny than usual and extremely frustrated. This warm weather with nearly naked bodies everywhere really hasn’t helped!

Truth be told, I am not a dedicated wanker. I prefer (and find it much easier!) to orgasm in company but left to my own devices I have dented several walls throwing toys that fail to match up to the ‘real thing’ out of my bed! Yes, I know that I am behaving like a petulant child (throwing toys out of my bed not pram I must add!) but I do have a very high sex drive! And toys are just toys, never as good as getting down and doing it properly, or sharing toys with another person.

Now, when my super strength vibrator is FINALLY fully charged my flat mate has come home. It sounds like a lawn mower when I use it and I really want to, I so need to cum but there is no doubt that he’ll hear it so I better not… 😦

Feeling sorry for myself? Yes, absolutely!!!!

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