My Sexy Secret Life


At my Tantra class I admitted to what I do. It was a huge step and hugely nerve wracking but I didn’t want to lie to my fellow Tantra friends. I was terrified and really feared rejection but actually what happened was so refreshing. A few people did avoid me at first but gradually over the day more and more people over came their initial shock and became more and more curious. Many told me that I was brave to share what I did and thanked me for doing so. Others came to me full of questions and a tantric masseuse approached me with the potential for sharing clients who wanted more than she was willing to give.

The most amazing reaction however came from a lady who admitted to being hugely against women in my profession, although I didn’t know that when she started asking me questions. She works in Project Management with the construction trade and at the end of the course thanked all the men who had been so ‘soft and open’ (her words) as she generally only saw the ‘hard, aggressive’ side of men. When she asked me about my encounters I told her that I only ever saw the soft side and the men I saw were as concerned about my pleasure as they were their own.

Ten minutes later she came back to me in tears and threw her arms around me, begging my forgiveness for the judgments that she had made against me and other women in the sex industry; she said that the men I meet clearly treat me better than any boyfriend that she had ever had. I had no idea that she had been judging me but it was a hugely touching moment, one I don’t think that I will ever forget.

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