My Sexy Secret Life

Tantra Classes

I am always interested in exploring different aspects of my sexuality and today I went on a tantra training day. It was set in beautiful venue filled with lovely, bright sun light. I am pretty new to Tantra but so far it hasn’t been particularly sexual, at the moment we are focusing on the deep and authentic connections that can be made with others.

For some one as sexual as I am the experience of gentle touch and loving looks could sometimes be frustrating. There was one exercise where we encouraged to do ‘whatever we wanted to our partners’ I knew exactly what I wanted to do to him… pull down his bottoms and suck his cock!! However I got the impression that this would not be appropriate.
Over all though I really enjoyed the day and met some lovely people, I feel so positive and incredibly horny, I’d really recommend Tantra to any one who is interested in exploring the spiritual side of their sexuality….. and perhaps learn more about those hour long orgasms you hear about 😉

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