My Sexy Secret Life

DIY Girl

I always feel extremely proud of myself when I manage to complete a task of DIY all by myself (no, not the naughty kind – I tend to feel dizzy after that!) like a real, grown up, independent woman, not a girly girl who needs a man to do DIY for her. After fixing my toilet seat which had come loose from it’s hinges (not the nicest of images I know!).

I stood back proudly admiring my handiwork. I felt a little tickle, only to see a spider climbing up my thigh! It must have been lurking behind the toilet only to find my leg a rather warmer and more appealing place to be! All pretence of mature woman left my persona as I screamed, quickly threw off my clothes (in case there were more of the little leggy buggers hiding in them!) and ran around my flat shaking my head like a wet dog (I wanted to make sure that there weren’t more hiding in my hair!) …. I guess I might be a bit of a girly girl after all!

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