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Sometimes three is not a crowd ;)

There are some moments in time that you will never forget. Luckily for me I have quite a few 🙂 I was booked by a very sexy couple recently. We’d been chatting, emailing and texting on and off and I was really looking forward to our time together.

I always like to spend a good deal of time getting to know couples before we meet as it can be a relationship changing experience for many. So it’s really lovely to meet two people who are open and happy with new experiences. I felt so positive that I thought maybe I should reign in my expectations, but there was no need, no need at all. I was talking to two super cool human beings that I couldn’t wait to get more intimate with.

I met them at a hotel bar, they were seated right at the back but I recognised them instantly and sat down. I could feel the flutter of their nerves and I was expecting to feel nervous too but I wasn’t, I was excited.  I was really touched that they had chosen me, a very attractive couple sat before me ….. mmmm….. I couldn’t wait to become more intimately acquainted!

My lady was wearing a short dress and stockings; and I am sorry honey, I hope it doesn’t make you blush but I did get the most delicious glances of your lace top stockings in the bar and on our walk to your apartment. It made me very wet but you know that already! I on the other hand, normally always adorned in stockings and suspenders was running a little late and didn’t have time to put them on (they were in my bag, at the ready!). However both were pleased to hear that I was sitting with them demurely drinking a cocktail in nothing but a dress, bra and boots. I flashed him my pussy just to prove it 😉

They are such a sensuous, passionate, attractive and open couple. Everything flowed amazingly, it felt so right to be sharing their bodies and kisses, it was so lovely that they are so secure in themselves and their relationship that they could share themselves so freely. We had so much fun! She was so gorgeous, sexy, curvy and real. She has the most gorgeous soft, alabaster skin with a divine rose coloured pussy and she tasted so good and she was so responsive it was such a treat!! He was very sexy, dark eyed, dark skinned, toned and passionate. They were both very, very good in bed and fantastic kissers 🙂

We did so many sexy things together and I really enjoyed watching them make love, our three way oral sessions and perhaps the horniest thing ever for me though was licking her pussy just after he had come inside her – it tasted delicious and it felt so naughty! Which made it all the sexier. I also loved it when he came on both our faces when we taking turns in sucking his cock and licking his balls. There are some things that you can only do with two naughty girls and a very naughty boy and I am very glad that we did them! Oh and I forgot to mention the double ended dildo – that was lovely too. As my lady said ‘it was lush’ it really was just such a great night 🙂

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