My Sexy Secret Life

The Ex Factor

I am lucky enough to not have many evil ex’s and in fact I used to live with one of them and I am very good friends with another.

All have enriched my life or taught me very important lessons!D was my first proper boyfriend and we were together for five years. He was an eccentric, irish electrician and had lots of fun friends. He also taught me what it felt like to truly be loved and gave me the first orgasm that I had ever had with another person.

Unfortunately in the end the difference in our age and life expectations (I was 21 and wanted to have fun, he was 31 and wanted a family) lead to our split which was heart breaking. We decided not to stay in touch because it hurt too much

Then there was A, a flamboyant millionaire who thought nothing of flying me to Monaco, in a helicopter for the last leg of the journey (I have adored helicopters ever since! If you are reading this Father Christmas, please get me a helicopter – it doesn’t need to be a big one but it must be barbie doll pink with sparkles on the blades) where we partied in the most expensive night club in the world and explored BDSM at great depths.

He taught me that I wasn’t into full on BDSM, preferring to dip my toe in from time to time.Then there was G, now a very special person in my life, he is an actor and a singer and we had a huge amount of fun (including exploring the swinging scene). We are still really good friends, eight years later.

Then there was J. I learnt a very good lesson there. That was quite a destructive relationship that many of my friends expressed a huge amount of relief at me eventually ending unfortunately leaving a ‘step’ son who I absolutely adored (we weren’t married) behind and as my relationship with his father completely deteriorated I could no longer see, however I still treasure the time that I did have with him

Then there was D, who was a huge amount of fun and for year we had a highly charged sexual relationship but when things started getting boring D called it a day. Which was the right thing to do but strangely enough we now live together (as flat mates!), as my kip on his sofa last February ended up being an extended stay and I replaced the sofa with my bed! He is a kind, eccentric singer, musician and writer of whom I am hugely fond.

So all in all, think I have been fairly lucky in the relationships that I have had, however I am just having too much fun with naughty men right now to contemplate another one!