My Sexy Secret Life

Here, there and everywhere!

Unfortunately the incall flat in Warren Street didn’t work out but I am not going to bitch about it, what’s done is done. I have found a great hotel a few blocks down though, an old fashioned four star with lots of wooden panels and super cool old fashioned brass lifts that you can walk straight into and go up to the rooms without having to pass reception which is always a big plus. I also really like the area although it could well be because it’s quite near some of my favourite (dangerous!) shops and there are tons of interesting restaurants. I saw one that serves crocodile in vine leaves, chilli and garlic locusts and amongst other things like kangaroo and ostrich they also serve scorpion with chocolate! Not sure if I’ll be dining there though….

I have always been nomadic in life, so now I think I am also going to apply this to my ‘work’ (if one can call being paid to give and receive pleasure work) and I am going to be a lady who travels and accommodates (within zones one and two in London though I must add!) to see her gentlemen. I did think about getting a really swish Camper Van and doing it up to be a mobile Bordello, which although I am half tempted by where would one park? Even the sturdiest of camper vans would probably shake about when you are in the throes of passion and I am not all that quiet at times and neither are some of my lovers. I can just imagine a police person knocking on the door to investigate! And are you allowed to park Camper Vans in central London? I am really not too sure…

Anyway after a few days festivities in the country (I am out of action Christmas Eve – Boxing day) I’ll be back in London with the option of entertaining in Caledonian Road and probably Hampstead too and of course Warren Street, just in a hotel and not an apartment. I am also happy to book hotels in other areas of London, so just ask; don’t ask as they say don’t get 🙂

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