My Sexy Secret Life

The toy that I have never thrown out of bed!

The majority of my toys can’t expect a good life, I find it far easier to orgasm in company than I do home alone and those that fail to satisfy are frequently thrown at my wall. Even the really expensive designer clit stimulator that I bought recently… I am not sure that it still works but bearing in mind the price I paid for it then I certainly hope so!! Anyway, I am sure that I will find out sooner or later!

I do however have one fail safe and trusted, long term ‘friend’; that I have never subjected to my wall, it’s glass so that’s just as well really. I have had it for years and it is a comforting treat at the times when the ‘real thing’ is not near by. It’s curved in just the right way to hit my g spot; has lovely ‘bell ends’ at both ends, and as it is made of glass it always feels deliciously cool in contrast to the heat of my body. It’s also got a lovely smooth surface which means that it slips in and out of my wettest part in the most delightful of ways…. anyway, I am getting carried away, I’m going to have to go and find it in a minute!

The point of this blog is… (yes I did have one!) that a lovely client of mine from overseas, who unfortunately I don’t get to see too often (but it’s always like we have never been apart when we do meet!) had read about my special toy in another blog of mine ages ago and had thoughtfully remembered about it and planned to use it during our time together. At his request I packed it with happy anticipation – I thought that he was going to ask me to use it on myself in front of him which was an exciting idea in itself but he had a far better plan! He asked me for it and I handed it over full of curiosity … then he did the most perfect thing that I can ever imagine (in fact I hadn’t imagined it ever before so it was a lovely surprise!) he slipped it inside me and fucked me with it as his tongue lapped skilfully at my clit….. it felt AMAZING and he made me a very happy girl indeed! Thank you C and thank you for your lovely review

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