My Sexy Secret Life

Bend Over!!

I saw another man from over seas this week, I always feel deeply honoured by those that choose to incorporate time playing with me during their time limited visit to London, I am also, I must admit a real sucker for visiting posh hotels!

This lover of mine shares my interest in buggery. I love the intensity of it and the sense of submission. I’m not going to lie it hurt’s like hell at first. I’m there pulling my arse cheeks open, bent over mostly, thinking why on earth am I doing this!? There’s this moment before the pain subsides that I think I just can’t take this, I can’t take it at all, my arse hole is far too small to take this mans cock and I am whimpering and wondering whether I can call the whole thing off, seduce him with a blow job, perhaps!? But if he is gentle and understanding at this point, pushing himself inside me slowly and surely, letting me know without speaking that this WILL happen (there’s my submissive side coming out I guess!) I brace myself and try to relax – after all the pain won’t last forever, in fact it will be over in just a few brief minutes, then I will be begging him not to stop…. more, harder, yes, fuck me!!!

So, I got a good arse fuck the other day. I wasn’t walking too well after it, I must admit. It makes my friends laugh, not because they aren’t sympathetic; purely because they know that I will have orchestrated the whole thing. My man opened his hotel room door, kissed me and bent me over his desk – and at my request (in our previous emails) he pushed his cock right up my tight ass, I think I screamed a little, in fact I know I did. There was a mirror hanging above his desk and I was intrigued by my arse fuck face – a mixture of pleasure and pain; and there was his behind me, in control his face barely changing, just beaming from ear to ear as he looked me in the eye and thrust his cock deep inside me. He fucked me hard and long that day. When I left him I could still feel the imprint of his cock, where he had fucked me, deep in the ass. I went home and wanked; it turned me on!

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