My Sexy Secret Life

Strange things that I consider to be normal!

Having been and very much enjoyed being an escort for the last few years or so give or take a break or two there are many things that I consider ‘normal’ that most ‘normal people’ probably wouldn’t!

These include in no particular order:

* Gaining an extensive knowledge of stockings and lingerie brands

* Being open, loving and non judgemental

* Kissing a stranger as soon as they walk through the door

* Having a stranger in my mouth, pussy or arse very soon after they have walked through the door

* Or having them lick me within minutes of meeting

* Detailed discussions in various sex shops as to the best type of lube/toys/condoms

* Going to fetish fares on my own as ‘research

* Seeing facials as a perfectly natural end to a blow job

* Attending tantra courses for ‘professional development’ 😉

* Seeing spending the afternoon or evening in bed with a stranger having fun as completely ‘normal’

* Booking hotel rooms purely for sex and then making up ridiculous excuses in order to leave them and go home to my own bed

* Sleeping until mid day purely because I want to have the maximum amount of energy to pleasure my client in the evening

* Giving up a perfectly well respected and meaningful job in order to make more time for having sex with strangers

* Contacting prostitutes and inviting them out for tea/drinks/dinner

* Talking to prositutes on almost a daily basis

* Having friends take compromising photographs

* Having family friends take compromising photographs

* Having work colleagues husbands take compromising photographs

* Visiting an STD clinic every month (and generally being more knowledgeable than the staff)

* Seeing sleeping with married men as totally ‘normal’

* Writing intimate blogs about my sexual experiences

* Telling my friends (including former work mates and my ex boss!) and most of my family that I work as a ‘hooker’ and being accepted for who I am

* Telling my friends husbands that I work as a ‘hooker’ and being accepted for who I am

* Being a very happy ‘hooker’ 🙂

And last and by no means least 🙂 🙂 🙂 meeting a wonderful range of very different people, having amazing sexual experiences and making lots of new friends that I can be completely myself with. As well as being very well compensated for enjoyable experiences and in my own opinion no longer having to ‘work’ for a living!

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