My Sexy Secret Life

Waiting for my flat mate to go to bed!

Some times living with a flat mate can be extremely frustrating. Especially as a girl with an extremely noisy sexy toy that I am absolutely DYING to use because I have been watching porn on mute for the last hour or so and I am so in the mood for an effort less orgasm. Of course I have quite the thing. I don’t use it often as it can de sensitize me but right now, I just want to cum and go to sleep.

If he was in his bedroom it wouldn’t be a problem but he isn’t. He is on the other side of my bedroom wall sitting at the kitchen table playing online poker and while we are both very liberal and open about sex (he lives with a hooker after all!) I just can’t cum (and I have tried) using my noisy toy and knowing that he can hear it. I feel like going into the kitchen and shouting at him but that would not be fair at all. So I can watch more porn which is just going to drive me more crazy or sit here petulantly waiting for him to go to bed!

I sure hope he’s tired…..!!!

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