My Sexy Secret Life

Snow Day

The last time snow prevented me from working was fun. It was several years ago, before I decided to give up real work and live a life saturated in ‘sin’. I remember calling the local rail way station in happy anticipation to find out that no trains were running, I’d had suspected as much, my friend at the ticket office had hinted at it the night before. I can’t have had any big deadlines on the horizon at the time (which was relatively unusual) or maybe I was due to attend a few meetings that I really wasn’t looking forward to; I remember gleefully phoning my boss with the happy truth – I just could not get into work!

I was living in a really suburban area at the time and all around me happy families were busy dragging sledges full of small children around, throwing snow balls and building some very impressive snow men/women. I decided I’d spend my unexpected free day painting my bedroom and walked into the local town to buy paint, wrapped up warm with a big smile on my face. In the shops it was like Christmas; everyone was happy and friendly, even the staff who had managed to travel in despite the snow were happy as they were all getting paid to go home early. That day ended much like it did today, lying in front of an open fire, after a supper of buttered crumpets, drinking a glass of red wine and listening to Jazz.

Today’s ‘Snow Day’ however was far from welcome. A dear client of mine had requested a threesome with a lovely lady with a very good reputation who I just couldn’t wait to meet. I was really looking forward to the role play that he had planned for us; including me unwrapping her like a very special present, kissing, stroking and licking her before sharing her delights with him.

I just adore sharing a cock with another woman… could there be a more perfect blow job than one with two mouths, and four sets of sensuous fingers? Two girls french kissing with your cock getting in the way a little bit, caught between two tongues.. One wet mouth on your balls, the other around your cock. Two girls for you to fuck – one girl straddling you and riding you, the other sitting on your face and kissing the girl riding you; one girl licking the other as she straddles you, cow girl, legs wide open ….or maybe one lies beside you kissing you sensuously, playing with her wet c**t as you fuck the other and Ohh…… so many more delicious thoughts and actions…not to mention the girly stuff – two girls kissing and playing with each other, caressing breasts, licking delicious pussies all the while maintaining teasing eye contact with you…

Anyway our meeting was:


My lady couldn’t get into London and the chances were very low that I could either, transport from where I live was just rubbish. So our meeting was cancelled and here I am horny and frustrated!!Anyway, I hope that we can re arrange soon.

For all of you who have jobs that you don’t enjoy I wish you very happy ‘snow days’ but please spare a thought for those of us that had plans that we were looking forward to and had to cancel!

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