My Sexy Secret Life


I often wonder what a male orgasm feels like. Different men do seem to experience it differently, some oh too sensitive as soon as they have ejaculated, others like to rest their cocks in my mouth for some time after, some like to come in my mouth, others on my face, some while fucking my pussy and others while fucking my arse, not to forget those who like to cum as they wank and I lick their balls, others like a finger inside them while I suck their cock, others will shrivel up at the very thought! Some men like a variety of different ways of coming, many it seems do have their favorites. It makes me think, are these men experiencing the same sort of sensations no matter what they do? Because the way in which I cum does feel different, lovely, always obviously but different.
A clitoral orgasm brought on by me with frantic fingers feels very different from a clitoral orgasm achieved via a tongue, but oral orgasms can also be changed with the addition of fingers rubbing my g spot and it can also be an entirely different sensation if I am lucky enough to get licked and fucked at the same time!
Anal orgasms can be different too – I get two types – there are the repetitive and slightly less intense kind – where I can continue to enjoy my arse fuck and it isn’t too intense – although having one orgasm after another is pretty mind blowing! Then there is the other type where I have to stop straight after, the ‘oh my god – fuck fuck fuck’ type! Add some clitoral rubbing and my orgasm will be slightly different again! 
Solo g – spot orgasms are not for me, I can feel the tension building but it can be quite uncomfortable, not a sensation that I enjoy but g spot stimulation while being licked or fucked in the arse is something else – I sometimes like to put a few fingers inside my cunt so that I can feel my mans cock moving in and out of my arse, that’s pretty damn horny!
I must admit it’s rare that I cum through vaginal penetration, although it does happen sometimes and that’s lovely but by no means a guarantee but like most women, while I like to cum it’s not the be all and end all for me; sometimes I can be having a wonderful time and not orgasm, or not want to orgasm because it will reduce my energy levels – like you men I do sometimes feel quite sleepy once I cum and I don’t think you’d be particularly impressed if I just rolled over and went to sleep before you were done with me!
One type of orgasm which I have found to be especially rare is the the full body orgasm, I have only had them with two partners both of whom I was very much in love with at the time. It was an intense and almost spiritual feeling, very tingly, very satisfying – perhaps something that you can have with some one who is very close to you…
But then again perhaps not! I’m off on a three day tantra course starting tomorrow and one of the things that we will be exploring is the full body orgasm so apologies, I may be slow to answer my emails over the next few days but you can be well assured that I will be having a very nice time!!

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