My Sexy Secret Life

Not so much a of a Tantrika

I have been interested in tantra for a while (I am intrigued by most sexual practises!) and I attended an introductory evening and then a one day event last year. I enjoyed both; and I left them feeling light, positive; energised and incredibly horny! This year I decided to take the next step and enrol on a three day tantra course which took place earlier this month. Where; I am afraid to say that I learnt that Tantra is not for me!

Tantra as far as I understand is about sensual connection and intimacy and once I have established sensual connection I want to get very intimate; very quickly; I don’t have the patience for endless flirting never resulting in anything more than hand holding or exercises that are intended to evoke full body orgasm but for me; created nothing more than muscle pain!
By the end of day two I was feeling an increasing sense of irritation and sexual frustration – I KNOW how to have really good orgasms and this simply wasn’t doing it for me. I woke up on the third morning and wondered why I was putting myself through this. I couldn’t think of a good reason so I picked up the phone and did the nicest thing I could do for myself … I quit. Then I lay back in bed and treated myself to a lovely long wank.
I think Tantra really does have it’s benefits; it just requires patience that I do not have! I am much more into instant gratification and I like PROPER orgasms not muscle spasms; although one could argue I guess that’s exactly what an orgasm is!
Luckily for me, I got my hands on a gorgeous gentlemen the day after the course should have ended. He fucked me every which way and seemed to find it highly amusing that I came so easily and repeatedly while we lay in spoons with his cock in my arse and his deliciously naughty fingers slipping inside my cunt and wanking his cock from my insides – I lost count of the times I had to beg him to stop moving as I was oh so sensitive after a cum while his cock rested inside me until I was sufficiently recovered for him to do it all over again! He left me with a face covered in spunk and a smug; satisfied smile – exactly what I needed after my sex free tantra weekend!

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