Central London Escort, My Sexy Secret Life

If you love it put a ring through it!

I got some new jewellery put in my piercings yesterday (belly button and clit hood) as I wanted them to match; nothing too fancy – just plain metal but it surprised me that I had so many different thoughts and memories surrounding my piercings which were brought up by the process of going to get them changed, they are so much a part of me now that I no longer really view them as being separate.

My belly button reminds me of being a rebellious teen. At the grand old age of 19 I decided that I was going to leave my boyfriend and family behind me and start a new life in Spain. I got my belly button pierced there by a man with a pirates patch over one eye; the only english he spoke to me was ‘do you like pain’? And he pierced my belly as my friend held my hand and dug his erection into my shoulder; he’d being trying to get me into bed for ages and for some reason seeing me being pierced clearly did it for him, but in those days I was faithful and I’d already hooked up with the local bad boy (who probably wasn’t faithful at all!). My body tried to reject it and I was given Dr’s orders to take it out. I’d managed to bag a job as a children’s rep at the time and little boys were delighting at throwing balls at my stomach at any given opportunity – I didn’t mind too much; it distracted them from finding spiders to ‘show me’ or throwing me in the pool fully dressed on the way to lunch or dinner.

Although the urge to pierce other parts of my body remained strong (I had wanted to get my nipples pierced for a long time and I quite fancied a tongue piercing to enhance my oral skills) I didn’t get another piercing for another five years. I’d been working in the porn industry, both in front and behind the camera for a while in my mid twenties; and when I decided to leave the business I ‘treated’ myself to a clit hood piercing that was not ever going to be on camera; it was a private thing just for me. I’d got the desire to have it done after shooting an incredibly beautiful woman doing very rude things; she had the tiniest little silver ring though her clit hood which was one of many super hot things about her; I thought it was a very, very sexy thing indeed. I got pierced by a woman as my sister held my hand then, we went out for the most expensive dinner I had ever paid for at that time and drank lots of champagne in celebration. My clit hood piercing has enhanced my sex life and I have never regretted it.

It has also raised many a rye smile when I go for my sexual health tests. It’s really important for me to know that all is well in that arena and I test both body and blood often and responsibly. I have terrible veins that like hiding from needles and I do tend to get pretty distressed when people are trying to stick things in them. It once took seven attempts to draw blood before a suitable sample had been taken and I did make quite a fuss! Even though I have clearly had a needle through a much more delicate area – a fact that has not gone un noticed by my sexual health physicians! On a slightly different note though; good news on the HIV testing front – they can now do it via a tiny prick to your finger and give you the result two minutes later; it really is amazing how medicine keeps getting progressing and if you are even the slightest bit worried, just go and get it done and put your mind at ease, the chances are so low that you will test positive but the certainty is price less.

Whilst lying in the piercers chair yesterday I tried to distract myself from the physical sensations of a man fiddling around my clit, taking my jewellery out and putting a shiny new ring in; he was tattooed from head to foot and I have never been touched by a man like him before; my level of wetness was becoming inappropriate for the situation so I concentrated on the stencils of various beautiful tattoos around me. I’d really wanted a tattoo when I was younger but thankfully I had never gone ahead; my favorite idea was a bar code with my date of birth and ‘Made in England’ tattooed on my arse.
Not only do I now think that it would look incredibly tacky it would also mean that I could never lie about my age; not that I do but I may do in the future! After seeing those designs I do quite fancy a tattoo on my lower back and the designs in the studio were beautiful; I must admit that I am very tempted!

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