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Free to love xx

I have been having a wonderful time of late with new and old friends who share one thing in common; the ability to be very close, loving almost I would say without the ties of a conventional relationship. It makes my heart full and happy to have such loving, tender and ultimately very rude experiences with people that I have the uppermost respect for but more rewarding than that for me is the kindness, tenderness and respect that they have for me. I cannot express how amazing that feels.Being a free spirit I kind of; and I say kind of because I don’t believe one should ever close any door entirely, denying oneself of possibility is in my mind both limiting and foolish but never the less I am too happy enjoying my freedom with a select number of ladies and gentlemen whose company I enjoy immensely; I have kind of ruled out a relationship. Not in a ‘poor me’ kind of way but more in a ‘very, very lucky’ me to be able to share so much joy and intimacy with more than one person.Yes, it is about the sex, I adore sex, I am a very sexual person but it is also about a meeting of minds, a mutual respect and a moment of love and tenderness without ties. I really could not want for more. Thank you my lovelies, thank you so much. XxXx

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