My Sexy Secret Life

Hello again… …

Hello again… I’m sorry, I know it was well over a month ago when I promised to write more very soon but this month just flew! And I haven’t even told you about my holiday… which was rather surreal! I went out to Greece to see an old friend who is working out there for the Summer. We dated years ago and when that came to an end our friendship lived on so we know each other very well and I knew that I’d find him good company when he wasn’t working and I wasn’t sunbathing; which isn’t something that I usually have the patience for but the run up to moving was getting increasingly stressful and I just needed to chill. I did read some very good books though, so I wasn’t entirely lazy (although I mostly was!).

The surreal element factors around my friends job as a tribute act and of course he wasn’t the only one on resort, so at anyone time when I wasn’t sunbathing; I was in the company of at least one tribute act and generally many more.. we’d meet up for a beer in the afternoon and they’d all share stories which were highly entertaining and I met some really lovely people. The complex rivallry between the acts was also intriguing!

On the last day I decided I really wanted to top up my sun tan and went without sunscreen, in 37 degrees heat that was a very bad idea and I ended up with a radio active looking sun burn to accompany me on the long journey home…. I also had bright white bikini marks in contrast to my tan for several weeks after that!

Several days of moving ensued, although I have learnt to travel fairly lightly over the last few years so I didn’t have much furniture. My first lovely gentleman (and long term regular) exclaimed his surprise at the sparseness of my flat and in a knee jerk reaction I bought a new sofa without measuring anything. Luckily it fitted through the doors and up the stairs (courtesy of two rather gorgeous delievery men) although it took me a while to get over the surprise at the size of it. Having now christened it in a variety of fashions it now has some great memories for me and I am already rather fond of it…. it’s also wipe clean which is brilliant 😉 I am gradually (and somewhat reluctantly) buying more furniture although I have a strong aversion to clutter so intend to keep things fairly minimal.

My first month here has been great, I can’t begin to describe how much nicer it is to welcome people into my own home and share my own bed over the hassles of hotel rooms of which I was getting rather tired of. I have seen some lovely old friends; met some new ones too… and enjoyed many a rude and sensual time! Thanks to all who joined me xxxx

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