My Sexy Secret Life

A Whores Drawers – Seasonal Fashions for Naughty Ladies

In the depths of the Summer heat I’m sure I wasn’t the only naughty lady to be greeting her lovers with little more than some tan lines, a brazilian, a skimpy Summers dress, heels and a smile (unless other outfits had been requested) as the Summer heat waned lacy bras, suspender belts and stockings became a lot more practical and now; as the days get that little bit colder (and bedrooms or boudoirs become considerably cooler) thoughts start to turn towards ordering the winter seasons lace and satin basques.

I’m quite pleased with mine, so far I have purchased a black basque which looks sleek and sophisticated and a grey, black satin and lacy number which is flirty and sexy. I’ve also got last years gorgeous red AP lurking some where hidden in cupboards and drawers full of the chaos of a not quite complete sort out after my move. I’m sure that I’ll find it somewhere!

I find this change of season quite exciting; although I’ll miss not going out without the now essential coat and umbrella, I love the dark, candlelit nights and coming in from the cold to get warm and snug. It’s also the first winter in three years that I will have central heating (I say that warily, touching wood and crossing my fingers against another batch of boiler troubles!). I will miss the open fires of my last two homes though; there is something so lovely about sitting in front of an open fire place, logs blazing, flames dancing and the air scented with wood smoke.

I will miss perving at young girls in short skirts and skimpy outfits (I live in an area full of students so there’s plenty to see!) but I love the sensation and smell of the cold clinging to my lovers clothing on arrival, kissing away the cold and then working up a heat together rather than sharing a room warmed by a Summers day. Next year I think I’ll invest in some form of air conditioning! For now I’m just going to luxuriate in cold mornings snuggling in bed and hot afternoons and evenings filled with passionate sex and gorgeous lingerie!

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