My Sexy Secret Life

Secrets and Lies

Having been in the sex industry on and off for many years now I still find it hard to believe that society’s perception of a sex worker is so very different from the reality that I experience with my clients and the naughty ladies with whom I am friends with. While a vast majority would view my occupation as an act of desperation in order to pay off debts, fuel a habit or satisfy a pimp I see what I do as a gift.

I get to make people happy, have amazing, mutually satisfying sex and do what I want pretty much all of the time. While I appreciate that some clients seek ladies who also have other professions I have never found one that suited me as well as this. I’m self employed, independent, keep hours which suit me and I only see the people that I want to see for mutual pleasure – and they also pay me! What’s not to like!? It’s my dream job! And why would I do anything else, have a ‘real job’ when I don’t need to?

I’m more suspicious of those who do have a real job.. because if they really did enjoy this ‘work’ then why would they bother!? I guess for many there is still a deep sense of shame about what ‘we’ do; both clients and fellow escorts. And it’s hard having to live a secret life, I can’t deny that but the ideals of society by no means reflect the reality, in my mind anyway.

Sorry, I feel that my post is getting a little negative … I just get so frustrated at times that I can’t proudly exclaim that I’m an escort; who loves both her job and her clients when any one asks; but instead, dread the predictable question in any social situation “So… what do you do?”

And then I lie.

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