My Sexy Secret Life


So, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought a decent juicer. Personally, I just love the taste of natural green juice and it’s so much less hassle than eating all the veggies that I can now reduce into one small glass! You wouldn’t believe the mountain of vegetables that goes into one single, freshly pressed juice.

For breakfast I had 15 carrots, quite a lot of celery, half a bag of spinach, ginger and a lime. It was less than a cup full! I’ve only been juicing for three days and I have more energy than the duracell bunny!

However I did manage to half poison a very polite client who downed ginger, lime and carrot juice in one. I’d got the ginger ratio wrong for general consumption and it left him gasping for several glasses of water. Not good (and thank you for being so sweet about it, you know who you are xx). So I won’t be sharing/influencing others to drink my juices.. rather let them see for themselves the amount of energy it gives me and perhaps go on their own juicing journey!

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