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Stupid Suspenders

While I am very much in favour of stockings and suspenders  (I think all women look great in them, the way that they frame the most intimate parts of a woman’s body is in my mind deliciously sensual and not at all slutty – the perfect combination, the smooth stocking clad thigh giving way to soft warm skin.. then further up… anyway I diverse!) the current trend of attaching suspenders to knickers is just plain, darn stupid!

To get the knickers off….you’d have to unclip all the suspenders, roll off two stockings and then finally the knickers as well… and wouldn’t wearing knickers that are meant to hold up your stockings pull your knickers down?

Perhaps you’re thinking what if she’s wearing hold ups? Then all you’d have to do is unclip the suspenders and whip off her knickers! But if she was wearing hold ups then why the hell would she need suspenders!?

And I’m not even going to go into how much hassle it would be to get your knickers off if your suspenders were attached to your bra and worn over them… (see pic below).

The best way to wear suspenders is to put them and the stockings on first then the knickers over the top so that that when the right time comes they can be easily and speedily removed or, opt for no knickers at all which is an idea that I often tend to favour! 😉

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