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Maintaining and Decorating a Lady Garden

When I trained as a beauty therapist, many moons ago and in a knee jerk reaction to my accountancy training (I prefer people to figures!) it was the norm for a bikini wax to be just that! Clients would keep their knickers on and you’d tuck bits of tissue into the sides to avoid getting their knickers sticky and then they’d hold them up a bit so you could wax just a little bit higher than their bikini line and get the bits around their bum that peeked out on either side of their knickers and that was it.

I’ll never forget the time when I re entered my treatment room (it’s the norm to leave clients to get undressed and then return with a knock to the door to make sure that they are ready) to be presented with a beautiful bare pussy topped with long, strawberry coloured pubes sported by a gorgeous lady with a slender figure and perfect alabaster skin.

I didn’t know where to look, I fancied her like crazy and here she was exposing her most intimate parts to me! But of course, I had to look and appear professional about it; as it was my job to tame her lady garden, not just to perv at it!

To make matters worse her pubes were far too long to wax without causing her considerable bruising, I think it might have been her first bikini wax so she didn’t know the protocol with regards to keeping her knickers on and pubes short (they need to be a max of around 1.5cm or the quick action of a wax strip won’t pull them out but rather cause trauma to the very delicate skin in that area) so with trembling hands (and a very wet cunt) I set about gently trimming and waxing her muff and making it even more pretty.

Another memorable waxing occasion came about when our receptionist accepted an appointment for a ‘back, sack and crack wax’ which was not a service that any of us had trained for and certainly didn’t offer but she had not taken a phone number and himself and his wife had travelled some considerable distance in order to get it.

My boss was meant to do the husband but as she was a shy and retiring type, much more comfortable in female company she was freaking out no end, so I offered to do it and she took his wife, whom I suspect wanted a full wax too, which was also something that we didn’t offer.

I have always been fairly open minded, had already begun some exploration into BDSM and I suspect was also shooting some amateur porn in my spare time at the time so was less phased but none the less, I had no training in offering this service which I explained to the gentleman when he entered the treatment room; but he was still keen to go ahead (more about that later).

The back wax went without issue and then he removed his briefs (I remember it vividly!) and it was time to wax off all his pubic hair. This is actually quite a skilled operation to undertake without bruising. I managed the pubic ‘v’ without hurting him but when it came to his balls, I bruised him deeply with the first rip of the wax strip. At precisely the same time as I caused this damage his cock came rising to full attention.

I was devastated that I had hurt him and didn’t want to carry on but it was then that he admitted that he was in a Domme/sub relationship with him being the submissive partner, that he had been ordered to do this and he quite enjoyed the pain which remained distinctly obvious throughout the rest of the treatment; as his cock twitched, jerked and leaked copious amounts of pre cum at every, single rip.

He was black and blue by the time I had finished with him and was very appreciative at being left alone ‘to get dressed’ although I did point out a box of tissues that he might want to ‘wipe himself down with’ and they were considerably depleted on my return to the room!!

These days though, it seems that beauty therapists are far less demure than they were when I trained and practised when it comes to the pubic area! I went for an eyebrow wax in the summer and ended up with a full brazilian (a landing strip and nothing else! She wanted to do it all but I actually prefer to have a little hair down there).

I screamed the place down as it hurt like crazy but I was pretty happy with the result 😉 She was also rather fascinated with my clit hood piercing and gave it a little rub which was rather pleasant and I should be ashamed to say that the combination of a fair amount of pain (I’m also a submissive not adverse to a little pain here and there) combined with a little pleasure and an attractive lady paying lots of attention to my cunt meant that I left her on an endorphin high and tipped her a ridiculous amount, leaving the salon feeling rather wet!

Today, I went for an eyebrow wax and I would have actually have considered something more intimate if my pubes were a little longer but they weren’t so it’s back to the razor for me! Anyway this did not deter my therapist in the slightest, who on realizing that waxing was not an option was very keen to ‘vajazzle’ me to the point where she rushed out of her treatment room to fetch her ‘phone and show me pictures of a vast array of pussies with added sparkly bits. I’m sorry to say that it looked rather tacky to me but each to their own and I did enjoy looking at all the different ladies bits! She was very friendly though and rather cute … and clearly enjoyed looking at, attending to and taking pictures of ladies intimate parts so perhaps if my hair grows long enough I’ll go for back there for a cunt wax!! 😉

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