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Beautifully Buggered

Tonight I was exquisitely buggered for the first time (by him and for him) by a client of whom I am extremely fond.

It felt absolutely wonderful. In the past I have been extremely embarassed to admit to my love of anal sex whilst in relationships and I’ve had several long term relationships where it was strictly taboo, but thankfully since then, I have found many others who enjoy it just as much as I do!

I will never forget the first time, bent over my (then) boyfriends balcony, dripping wet after all the horny things we’d done together … he took his dripping wet cock out of my cunt and eased it into my tight arse hole, I knew I couldn’t make a sound as while it was 3am in the morning it was a very residential area and he fucked me, slow at first and it really hurt then harder and harder, rubbing my clit as I whimpered as quietly as I could, with his hand over my mouth and as my pain subsided my orgasm built and somehow he knew “Cum for me Baby” he whispered in my ear then he pumped his load deep inside me. It felt so wonderfully naughty to have his cum dripping from my virgin asshole. These days I use condoms (obviously) as I like to keep myself and my lovers safe from harm but I love to feel the twitch of their cock deep inside my arse when they cum!

Anyway 😉 I thought it might be an appropriate moment to share my late friend Sebastian Horsley’s advice on the topic of a woman introducing anal sex into a relationship…. which unfortunately got him sacked from writing for the Guardian 😦 Personally I don’t think what he wrote was particularly offensive but others did. See what you think.

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