My Sexy Secret Life

Pretending to be straight

Although I am now extremely comfortable with my sexuality, I have had bi sexual urges from a very early age and initially I was embarrassed and slightly over whelmed by them. I had several girly crushes but my by far most intense was at Secondary School (aged 12-16) she was called N***** and was extremely overtly sexual. I was very sexual too.. but preferred older boys (early twenties or older) whereas N***** delighted in any male attention; although she was mostly a tease and a flirt.. I’m not sure that she really was going ‘all the way’ when I was, but even then I was some what secretive about my sex life and conducted it out of school, mostly during bunked lessons! I was in a combination of agony and ecstasy when her form and mine merged to do girly sports like gymnastics and basket ball, when the boys were busy with foot ball and rugby.  You see, we were sharing changing rooms and while I desperately tried hard not to peek at her getting undressed I couldn’t help it. N*****’s parents were quite liberal and indulged her in her chosen underwear, mostly silky vest and knicker sets and of course we shared showers…

Years later I was working in a couture bridal wear shop. Our dresses were far too complicated to put on alone so I would go into the changing room with the bride to be and help her to dress… and undress! And if I made a successful sale, detailed and somewhat intimate measurements were required  (including several around the breast area, the hips, and lower down…which I had to kneel for, on my knees, face to face with their most intimate areas.. close enough to smell their delicious cunts!!). I was in an almost constant state of sexual arousal! But I managed not to show it and was never inappropriate.

Skip a few more years and I was training to be a beauty therapist. Once again, I am in an environment where extremely attractive young women are swanning around in next to nothing but I managed (mostly) to keep my cool and I don’t think any of the sexy students that I trained with for two years were any the wiser.

My two hardest moments were during external training sessions. The first was a breast wrap of some sort, getting very familiar with a gorgeous blondes pert little tits and then having her do the same to mine! All the time pretending that everything was fine, everything was normal. We also did tons of near naked massage, mostly wearing nothing but paper thongs and covering each other in oil, and full body wraps!! It was heaven and hell combined, I wore my (then) boyfriend out night after night during that week long course!
The second hardest moment was acting as a model at another external training event, the teacher was sexy as fuck and chose me as her fake tan ‘model’ to demonstrate on. Covered only by a towel and a tiny paper thong she demonstrated how to tan me… and when she came to my legs she went all the way up, not once but twice, meeting my eyes with a smile as she went far beyond my paper panties and dipped her fingers right into my soaking wet pussy… I’m almost certain that she was another lady pretending to be straight!!

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