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ImageI’m so sorry that I haven’t written sooner. It’s all been rather busy of late! To all those who voted in the ‘What does that do?’ poll thank you very much 🙂 The right answer was in fact an attachment to a kitchen device, it’s a part of my juicer which my lovely friend Dollymopp saw on my kitchen side and assumed that it was something that I probably stuck up mine or some one elses bottom…. not that I don’t like things up my bottom on occasion ;)…. I just tend to refrain from using kitchen implements.

Thanks to all those who have voted in my ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?’ poll; hairy on top and smooth underneath is definitely in the lead so the days where a (hopefully extremely hot) beauty therapist aims a laser at my nether regions edge closer and closer…

If you haven’t voted – please do; it’s great to know what you think 🙂

So now for my next poll…


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