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The Art of Secret Communication


My clients well being and discretion is foremost in my mind when communicating about appointments and it varies wildly from person to person. Some prefer text, some prefer phone calls and many prefer emails. However in this day and age when a phone displays not only texts but emails too on their screens it makes things doubly tricky. When and what is the best way to communicate?

I tend to err on the side of caution. I don’t send texts or return calls and I won’t email either if I am warned if this is an issue…. I actually will never call unless I have recieved a very recent text or email saying that it’s ok.

So what should I do when a client calls me several times in one day and I can’t take the calls and I know texts and emails are also potentially problematic? When I know that they are self employed so who knows where they might be half the time!? Truth be told I don’t know! I risk causing offense if I’m not in touch and causing trouble if I am.

This has happened recently …. so ‘G’; I’m really sorry I missed your calls but please do get back in touch; it would be lovely to see you again 🙂

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