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Window Sex


I have many perversions and to my great delight, despite being nearly 33, I continue to find new ones! Something I love (and it’s a long running but much enjoyed activity) is having sex pressed against a hotel room window, watching the world go by and being fucked hard and deep from behind.

It’s a treat that I have been promised by the lovely client that I am seeing tomorrow evening (you know who you are – I can’t wait!). However, it’s always advisable to make sure that the hotel windows are actually made from mirrored glass, rather than standard glass which most are; but some aren’t, which I found out to my peril a few years back!

There I was enjoying a vigorous fucking from behind, pressed up against my clients hotel room window with a view of the local police station and several police men! Could I feel more rude!? Well, actually, yes, I could when gradually as the news spread, one, then two, then three police men outside the station looked up and one of them waved… Oooops!!! A very fast retreat was made by myself and my client and thankfully neither of us were charged with public indecency!!!

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