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I don’t have Syphilis


I hope that you’ll be pleased to know that I don’t have Syphilis, or in fact any other STI after having been thoroughly tested at the Waldron Centre in New Cross on Monday; I highly recommend this clinic: as being both very efficient, totally non judgemental and ‘working girl and punter’ friendly, and the team there are also extremely discrete, while I now know practically all of them and they know what I do, they are very careful not to obviously recognise me in the waiting room and they are very keen to attract more sex workers and punters who; I am absolutely sure they will treat with the same respect and care that they treat me with. They are also extremely generous with condoms (and I’m fussy, I only use mates skyns which are expensive!).

The clinic has long opening hours; a walk in clinic catering for both daytimes and evenings and you can get the result for HIV tests in minutes and get your other test results back within 4 to 5 working days, (they arrive via text if everything’s ok) which is much quicker than many of Central London’s Hospital Sexual Health Clinics; where you can often wait up to two or three weeks for the results of all tests.

They also offer full hepatitis b immunisation and hepatitis a immunisation for those who are fond of rimming.

Non blood born STI’s are tested with a ‘do it yourself kit’; which is completely pain less and they’ll tell you how to use it correctly. Long gone are the days of invasive, embarrassing and painful, sexual health testing.

I am seriously impressed and you can guarentee that I’ll be back there in the not too distant future; I take my clients and my own sexual health very seriously; even when you use condoms you can never be too careful!

Anyway… here are the important details:

Waldron Health Centre

Entrance on Amersham Vale SE14 (Opposite New Cross station)

Floor 2, Suite 8

SE14 6LD

Tel: 020 3049 3500

Opening Hours:         Mon-Thurs 11am-7pm,         Fri 11am-5pm

For those of you who don’t know London that well but would like to visit what I view to be the best NHS Sexual Health Clinic in London (and I do have a lot of experience in such things!) New Cross is one stop on the train from London Bridge and the Waldron Centre is a few minutes walk from the station (exit then turn left); it’s a big, brown, modern building which you will see if you sit/stand on the left hand side of the train and look out of the window as you approach New Cross.

I must warn you that on first appearances when arriving on the train, New Cross is not the best of areas (and it isn’t, I’ve lived there in the past!) but you are perfectly safe walking to and from the station in a matter of minutes and you are highly unlikely to bump into anyone you know!

If you do decide to go for your sexual health tests at the Waldron Centre do make sure that you have plenty of time (and a good book!) as like many walk in clinics you may have to wait an hour or so to be seen and while your sexual health records are completely confidential you are also fine to make up details like your name (I do and admit to it too!).  Just make sure that you can re call your  (made up) details for any future visits, they’re unlikely to ask about the sexual history you confessed to in a previous visit however date of birth is another important one to remember!Also, do give them the right phone number so that they can contact you with the results, even if it’s the number for a sim card that you bought for exactly that purpose.

I don’t do and never will offer ‘bare back’, (unprotected vaginal or anal sex) but I do absolutely love giving unprotected oral and swallowing every drop; however I am frequently told by sexual health experts that it is very low risk, (otherwise I wouldn’t do it!) none the less, I do insist on a throat swab now when I go for my tests.

You’ll aways find my latest STI test results and the dates when I took them on my FAQ page and I take STI tests at least every 6 weeks.

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