My Sexy Secret Life

My Favourite Fruit…

Is a cucumber. I’ve always loved the fresh, cool taste and a few years ago one of my clients turned up with one and I found another thing to like about them 😉

With it’s perfect ergonomics and deliciously cool sensation straight from the fridge and deep into my hot, wet cunt, I can only imagine that there were no cucumbers in the garden of Eden or else it wouldn’t have been an apple that Eve got herself into trouble with!

Even their latin name sounds slightly rude Cucumis sativus’. They’re also surprisingly good for you (I used to assume that they were pretty much just water and nothing else):

Health Benefits of Cucumber[1]

And in these days where natural health, a small carbon foot print and re cycling are all key considerations what better than a nutritious, organic dildo that you can eat after you’ve played with it?

And what could be more entertaining than feeding a freshly fucked cucumber to an unsuspecting guest or two? It almost makes me want to apply to Come Dine With Me * 😉


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