My Sexy Secret Life

New Erotica for You (and Me too)

This morning I felt that it was time for me to expand the wank bank of sexy (but tasteful, I hope) images and short naughty films that are hidden in the ‘erotica’ section of my website.

Being quite visual myself, I gorged myself on rude images and then set about my day. When I went for a swim, I was good and chose a time when it was going to be quieter in the changing rooms because, although I do like a good old perve at naked ladies part of me feels that it’s wrong in that context… not, that I resist it all of the time, I must admit.

Despite the fact that the changing rooms were virtually empty there was a pretty girl in a swimming costume and she had the kind of quirky beauty that catches my eye. I ignored her as best I could and headed to the pool where she later joined me, in my lane of the swimming pool, in her own little world and she kind of stood/leaned against the side of the pool with her crotch directly in my line of vision, rising out of the water.

As I swam towards her I couldn’t help thinking how delicious it would be to move away that little piece of stretchy fabric and bury my tongue and finger into her hot little pussy, with the cool water lapping around me and her thighs in contrast. I swam away quickly and was thankful that I wasn’t a man as if I was, I would have been rock hard and stood to attention!

I took sneaky glances here and there and at one point she was just floating around on her back, tight stretchy fabric over pretty little breasts and erect nipples. Mmmm. I imagined her naked, just like some of the girls I’d been looking at earlier and decided that it was time to leave. Back home I had a very thorough wank and was extremely grateful that a very nice man was coming over later to fuck me 🙂

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the new ‘stuff’… here’s a little taster for you 🙂


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