My Sexy Secret Life


So …. thinking about sporting a tash to raise money for mens health this Movember?

It’s a brilliant cause and raising awareness is so important too. Mens health is not talked about or thought about enough.

Still, are you going to look silly? How will you know that until you grow it?

Well, there is one very easy way to find out. Find a lady who is wearing the ‘look’ that you are thinking of wearing down below and get a small hand held mirror. Press your lips between hers, grab your hand held mirror and see how her hair style looks on you!

Now I wouldn’t recommend mine.. as I currently sport a Brazilian/ ‘landing strip’; you’ll end up looking like Hitler but how about finding a lady who has a downstairs hairstyle like this? Then you can see whether going for a full blown tash would look good on you…. 🙂


Alternatively you could use one of these to ensure the perfect ‘Goatee’ ….


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