My Sexy Secret Life

St Judes Storm

As many may already know the news of a storm hurtling towards the South of England has had dramatic impact this weekend and as it’s set to be unleashed on the ‘Feast Day’ of St Jude, an apostle whose traditional role of “depression and lost causes” it has been nicknamed ‘St Judes Storm’.


I am really hoping that “St Jude” has finally gone out of his way to break free from his traditional role and has simply granted many Southerners and Londoners a well deserved Monday off! It would seem so as it is set to start during rush hour tomorrow and has lead to many trains to London being cancelled and many other services being dramatically reduced. However I do remember the windy storms in ’87 (I was seven and it was SCARY!!!) so I’m really hoping that we don’t have the same level of impact and that we all survive the storm unscathed. Here’s wishing good luck to all xx

In the meantime however …. the big News for many of you in the South of England and London this Monday is:

So if you can’t get into work tomorrow, I recommend a lie in and if you can possibly get away with it a lovely long wank … I know that’s what I’ll be doing 😉 Which in my case is somewhat disappointing as I was looking forward to meeting a very naughty gentleman in his office tomorrow but he can’t get into London… still something to wank about and fingers crossed for Tuesday!!

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