My Sexy Secret Life

Christmas Cum

There’s no getting around it – a few, very specific substances can make men and women taste better or worse. Some are merely old wives tales – pine apple juice for example, is rumoured to make one taste sweeter ….. a friend and I once drank pints and pints of the stuff for a week before tasting each other – there was absolutely no difference in the way his cum tasted or the way I tasted to him but we both suffered from extreme acid indigestion and now share a mutual and intense dislike for pineapples.
By far the very worst thing to eat however only rears its ugly head at this time of year …. beware the brussel sprout! Gentlemen if you want your lady to swallow do not ingest this disgusting vegetable as it has far reaching consequences, as I was unfortunate enough to find out one Christmas  a few years ago.
brussellsMother had plied my dear one (at that time) with brussel sprouts and Father hadn’t quite managed to destroy his libido after dinner with copious servings of the Special Vintage Christmas Port (although Grandma had succumbed to a most unladylike and snore ridden sleep at the table after imbibing the best part of a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream) so, after dinner we retired for a ‘nap’ aka his Christmas day blow job, complete with teary eyed throat fucking and enthusiastic cock sucking (I just adore giving blow jobs) which eventually ended with him wanking his cock into my open (and at that point) eager mouth.
He shot a heavy load and I think it is fair to say that it was the vilest liquid I have ever tasted, sulphurous and repulsive – I managed to turn my head just in time to avoid projectile vomiting into my then boyfriends lap but the same could not be said of poor Fluffy (the family cat) who had been watching us from the end of the bed and was now absolutely dripping in a combination of brussel sprout flavoured cum and regurgitated Christmas pudding with brandy butter and sultanas.
Of course we blamed it on Grandmother – who was in no fit state to deny it, especially as she had fallen asleep with her head in a bowl of Christmas pudding and cream so looked much like the cat – complete dripping whiskers!

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