My Sexy Secret Life

A Time for Good Will

It’s this time of year – as we gather our loved ones close, pick presents we hope will make them smile and look forward to good food and fine times that a lot of us turn our thoughts to those less fortunate. Big charities know this and while I think that most of us do ignore the chuggers on £8-£20 per hour (big tip – if you’re not feeling confrontational – tell them you are visiting the UK and don’t have a UK bank account and they are helpless!) a lot of them will be targeting us with expensive TV advertising campaigns complete with celebrities- like this one:
They can afford to do this because they already have A LOT of money and a fair amount of government funding, so – as tax payers we have often already donated to them, unknowingly.
Smaller charities can’t afford advertising campaigns, they’re lucky to get an article in the paper at the very best – as I experienced working for an independent, charity run night shelter for the homeless – every year we had to beg for money to carry on – every year we weren’t sure if it would be our last.

This year I will be supporting this amazing charity (which I came across in the Evening Standard) who are doing their very and commendable best on a shoe string budget: because this charity doesn’t have the money to put ads’ on TV – I am putting this video here, on my blog, hoping it get’s lots of hits, please watch it, please share it with others – it’s not funny or comforting viewing but it shows just how much they help the veterans of this country, when they need it most – those who served their lives for us and now (if they’re not dead) for the most part the government abandons and the general public ignores …


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