My Sexy Secret Life

Good Day

I recently got the following email and decided to reply:

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 10:42:32 +0000
Subject: Good day

Good day,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I am Mr Blaise Samake. Accountant by profession, I’m 48yrs old, working at the office of Auditing and accounting Department of Bank of Africa (BOA).I’m married with two children. My residence address no: 18 avenue de la Charles Degaulle sect: 21. Box Postal: 01 bp 5256 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso . I want you to handle this business transaction with me if chance to do international business.

I got your contact from a reliable web directory.
We are imposition to reclaim and inherit the sum of US$10, million without any trouble, from a dormant account which remains unclaimed since 11 years the owner died. This is a U.S Dollar’s account and the beneficiary died without trace of his family to claim the fund and no next of kin.

If interested to do this business with me without betray I will give you more details of the transfer.

Mr Blaise Samake


From: Charlotte Deering (
Sent: 03 December 2014 00:42:14
To: Blaise Samake (

Dear Mr Blaise Samake,

It is indeed a good day – fantastic to hear from you!

I hope you, your wife and children are all well and are having a lovely week so far.
All is good here thank you – although I must admit to being rather jealous of your weather conditions at the moment – I see that it’s currently twenty seven degrees centigrade in Ouagadougou! It is much colder here in London at present.

Your email could not have come at a better time as it would help me to fulfill my greatest ambition!! As per my web directory I am currently an adult companion living and working in London. I absolutely adore what I do but in the future as well as continuing to offer my companionship I would love to open the most decadent and exclusive brothel in Spain (brothels are currently illegal in the UK unfortunately but I do love Spain so that’s OK) as soon as I can – only I am lacking in the sufficient funds.

There is only one major complication that I can think of really (although there maybe other smaller, fairly insignificant problems) – despite being legal, all brothels in Spain require a license. To be able to obtain this license one must be at least 45 years of age and unfortunately I am only 34. Without a license there would be no point in me pursuing this venture – I was wondering whether you might be willing to arrange one for me? I would then be willing and able to help you with this transaction.

Of course you would then be invited to join me on the opening night as a ‘thank you’ and further special events through out the year- you are very welcome to bring your wife – it is my full intention to cater exceptionally for most erotic tastes with the usual exceptions of animals, children, scat (feces used within a sexual context) and blood.

Perhaps you and your wife might enjoy a threesome? Be assured that I would be only employing the finest companions should this venture go a head. However if that seems a little forward you would also be welcome to dine in what I hope to be a world class Tapas Bar (I am hoping to ‘poach’ the chef from one of my favourite Tapas Bars in London) on the ground floor, a fine cocktail or two (alcoholic or non alcoholic all will be made by experienced and highly commended Mixologists) in the Bar on the first floor, a delightful massage on the second floor (with hand picked therapists who can apply the most erotic of touches if required) something much more intimate and deliciously naughty (with only the very best of adult companions) on the third floor or a swim in the pool, a drink, and a cigarette if you are a smoker on the roof top (there may be some frolicking and nudity going on up there though – so not somewhere to visit for the faint of heart!).

A dress code is essential to ensure clear communication. All men and women must wear a neck tie (women may wear ribbons). The ties will be different colours and maybe changed through out a visit – red ties mean that no activity is required or on offer; orange means that a massage may be fun and green is to indicate a desire for full on participation – the nature of which will be discussed with a charming, discrete and discerning member of staff.

All of these activities would be fully legal and covered by the licence unless some problems may occur – which of course is very unlikely – well most definitely with the police – although I’m not so sure about the local mafia – the licencee may be required to make on going payments (which would not be included in our original settlement) to appease them but I would try to pick the right location to avoid that. In the very unlikely circumstance that there are problems with legality then the responsibility would lie with the licencee. It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that the licencee would also be required to sign and guarantee the rental agreement (there’s no point in buying a building unless a market can be viably established and of course market research is a little difficult in this instance though a world class website and online marketing campaign would be guaranteed with the sum of money that you have mentioned) however I am sure that we could smooth this all out with further contracts that would benefit both parties.

Anyway – I fear that my enthusiasm for this project has run away with me! I really hope that you are as just as excited about this as I am and I look forward to hearing from you in due time.

Kind regards,
Charlotte Deering

P.S A discrete Chateau in the South of France would work just as well!

Well I did get a reply – but I don’t think he really read my email – he just asked for my bank details … any one else fancy opening a brothel in Europe with me? 🙂

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