My Sexy Secret Life


Ok … this is a delicate subject but one, I feel – and forgive me if I am wrong – should be talked about more ….
If you are nervous about seeing an escort, very stressed, unused to condoms or need a very hard erection (for anal) some times your body can let you down – that’s perfectly normal and nothing to worry about – at times like these Viagra can help (although it’s worth bearing in mind that a common side affect is lack of orgasm.. so it can be a double edged sword – to be used with care).
It does, as I can testify do nothing for women – except for giving you a head ache – so it’s the very last thing you’d want to take before embarking on sexy time! (I tried it years ago – when there were rumours that it might be fun for a lady to take too).
It’s pretty easy to get Viagra legitimately online and through the post now so no need to go to some dodgy website or your GP. The patent for Viagra ran out in June 2013 and you can now get the generic version, Sildenafil much cheaper. 
Now I know that at this point I sound like I am being sponsored but I promise you I am not…. I’d really recommend this website for online prescriptions, fast, discrete delivery, price comparisons and useful information with regards to ED and how different drugs and treatments work:
Wishing you a very happy and horny December!

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