My Sexy Secret Life

This Christmas I’ll be wearing fur…

Brrr it’s getting a bit cold isn’t it!? Let’s hope it doesn’t snow here in London although I have heard a few rumours that it might …. to those of you in other parts of the country or continents that already have snow – my sincere condolences although some places can be pretty – London doesn’t do snow well. 
Several years ago I was living a lot further into South London than I do now (I’m in London Bridge) and the council hadn’t budgeted for salt to grit the roads so there wasn’t any- snow fell, thawed a little, compacted, iced up and then lashings more snow fell on top of it for days on end.
The trains stopped working and the roads and pavements were treacherous – those who could stay at home did and the streets were deserted – I couldn’t and I got followed home one night by a man with his cock out of his trousers, waving it about and yelling at me to suck it .. neither of us could run so we had a kind of slow motion race – I was ahead and I lost him eventually – I hope his dick got frost bite.
Anyway …  as many of you know I’m a fur coat no knickers kind of girl and having recently taken to ridding my cunt of hair it’s been getting rather cold down there – so the (very well groomed) fanny fur is making a temporary appearance for Christmas – I’ll buy some more knickers in the January sales 😉

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